• 3rd Party tags are accepted except where noted in the Digital Advertising Specs
  • All 3rd Party Vendors must be SSL-Compliant for all display ads, including creative and tracking components. All web pages are loaded over a secure connection. Secure connections (https) are achieved using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in accordance with industry standards. We require that all ads, creative assets, and tracking elements are requested using a secure connection. Additionally, all subsequent requests to media assets or tracking URLs must also use a secure connection (https://). The only part of an ad permitted to be non-SSL compliant is the click URL (target landing page). Assets which are not SSL compliant will not be accepted.
  • All 3rd Party served ads must be tested prior to the campaign start, please allow additional time for this.
  • Hyperlinks must open in a new browser window.
  • If using Google Ad Manager (DCM), internal redirect tags (InReds) are preferred.
  • Approved 3rd Party partners and vendors can be found here.


  • Ad formatting is specific to each ad, please refer to the ad’s individual spec page for proper formatting and optimization.
  • For HTML5 creative please see these supplemental guidelines.
  • Creative with a white background must have a minimum 1-pixel border while remaining within the ad slot dimensions.
  • Creative may not utilize “fake” form fields or system alert look-a-likes.
  • The use of any Innovate Healthcare’s name, its initials or the name of any of its publications may not be used in any advertisement, landing page, promotion material (including promotional/discount codes), or follow-up mailings without the express written permission of Innovate Healthcare.
  • Innovate Healthcare adheres closely to the IAB specification guidelines.


  • Assets must be delivered to at least five (5) business days prior to campaign launch for standard ads and seven (7) business days for rich media, out-of-page and expanding ads.
  • Changes to any publisher developed creative must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to launch.
  • Creative submissions are not considered complete until all assets including images, text, click-thru URL and the successful observation of the landing page are accounted for.
  • If the landing page is not live by the creative submission deadline, a representation of the final page must be provided by supplying either a demo URL or full-page screenshot of the page.
  • Submit all creative to